Stone #3 - Brittany from Nevada

I know she didn't actually get on here and submit her testimony on this site. But this is a great story of a girl that stepped out and put her faith in God. No matter what people thought. Or did. And I, as the blog moderator, felt this deserved at least one stone of faith.

Check her interview out from the Today Show:


Stone #2 - Anne Marie from Las Vegas, Nevada

Anne-Marie Sanford said...

I guess I will be the second one to go.

When I heard the Lords calling in my life, it was at a Young Life camp, Malibu and I was 19 years old. I was serving up there and through those three weeks, God spoke to me in such clear ways. I knew that He wanted me to be to young girls, what my Young Life leader was to me. A mentor. An example. A constant friend. And most of all, a testimony of His grace and power.

When I was in high school I desired to be popular, and to do what everyone else thought was "cool." Whatever it was, drinking, drugs, relationships, I was in the middle of it. It wasn't until I was so broken that I realized the choices I made in my life left me empty and seeking something deeper.

It was through Young Life that I found Hollie Perlmutter, my Young Life leader who took me on. She met with me every week. Never judged, just listened and prayed. I didn't know it at the time, but I think she saved my life. Through her being a daily example of what it was to be a Christian, I learned that I wanted exactly what she had. A peace...that only comes from God. It was through Young Life and Youth Group I became who I am today.

Almost three years ago, I moved to Boise, Idaho to begin my lifes calling. I became a staff member with Young Life ministries. I started, again, Young Life in Eagle, Idaho and it was there that I met some of the greatest girls whom I walked through two years of their life with. I poured my heart and soul into them and I am so thankful for that time in my life. I have amazing stories of kids coming to faith. I loved, and cherished that time in my life.

God has now called me to be a wife to a football coach in Las Vegas, NV. But, Gods testimony is still developing in my life. Our ministry is now to football players, coaches wives, and college students and hopefully one day, again with Young Life.

I thank God for His wonderful power in my life. For the second chances (there have been many) and for his grace that makes me fall to my knees!

I am clinging to this verse these days:

"I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit. Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into Gods love and keep you strong. And may you have the power to understand, as all God's people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is." Ephesians 3:16-19

Stone #1 - John from Boise, Idaho

John Hardesty // Boise, Idaho

I'll start ... I gave a Young Life talk awhile back about my testimony. My life. My journey. And I had to do it in ten minutes.

I tried to find one word that would let these kids know who I was. Follower. That's the word I came up with. Always have been, always will. I have always followed people. Whether it was the popular kids at school. The kids on my sports teams. Celebrities. Rock Stars. Etc.. Always the wrong things to follow. The wrong people.

Born and raised in a Christian home. Attending a private, Catholic school. Uniforms and all. But never really following Christ. Went to church every Sunday. But I didn't make everyday Sunday. Didn't read the Word daily. Didn't act like a true follower of Christ.

First Step. The first real step. Wildhorse Canyon Young Life Camp. My brother invited me to go to a leadership weekend with him and some of his friends. Even though I wasn't involved in Young Life at the time I was invited. My brother. Younger brother. There's someone to look up to. Suppose to work the other way around right? Not in my case.

He became the example. The example of what it is like to really be Christian. And how to live with God in mind. That weekend I took up my cross for the first time. It wasn't my parents dragging me to church on Sunday. Or enrolling me in a Catholic school. It was me deciding to be real with God. Wow. Great feeling. Truly amazing.

Following His steps. Since that moment my life has been filtered of things that I thought were so important. People that I thought I wanted to hang around. Activities I thought I wanted to be involved in. And replaced. Replaced with things that are important. God, the Word, helping others, Young Life, family time. Replaced with people that matter to me. God, family, my Young Life team, friends I meet at church. Replaced with activities that will help me serve God. Young Life, bible studies, campaigners, summer camps. Amazing.

You know in school when other kids made fun of you and called you a "follower." I always got so hurt by that. Then tried to change to be just like the bullies that said that. Now. I look forward to the day when someone looks at me and says "Now there's a follower. A real follower of Christ." How cool would that be? Awesome.

Looking back I never thought I would be in the place I am today. Or the city I live in. Or hanging out with the people I do. Or participating in the things I am. He really has worked wonders in my life. I am blessed and grateful. Thank you Father. I look forward to seeing the plans He has laid out for me.

Add Your Stone of Faith!

There's a Young Life Camp in Antelope, Oregon called Wildhorse Canyon. The camp has all the fixings. Ziplines. Basketball courts. A skatepark. A rock-climbing wall. Etc.. Everything you could imagine at a summer camp. But the greatest feature of this camp happens to be a pile of stones that rests on the end of a path, just over a bridge.

When Wildhorse opened in 1999 the campers started a tradition. For every new believer that had accepted Christ into their lives that week they picked up a stone. Walked down that path. Crossed that bridge. And placed their stone in that pile.

It started with one stone.

When I was there last year the pile had recently been counted by staff members. The number was just over 10,000.

Think of all the amazing stories that are ingrained into each one of those stones. If only we could look at each rock and read those stories. Stories of hardship. Stories of struggle. Stories of darkness. Yet all stories with happy endings. Salvation.

That was the spark. I think we all have great testimonies to share with other believers and non-believers looking to explore God's love further. It's one the greatest gifts we can give each other to strengthen our faith. And also show God's growing love in this world.

So. I created this blogspot to count those stones and capture those stories for everyone to read. Post your testimony. Share it with your friends. Ask them to post theirs. Spread the word of what God has done in your life. And how you found your way into His arms.

To start just post a comment below and type away ... I will go back in every night and turn your post into a blog so others can comment on them! You can also email them to me at jhardesty@bluelineresults.com. God Bless!