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There's a Young Life Camp in Antelope, Oregon called Wildhorse Canyon. The camp has all the fixings. Ziplines. Basketball courts. A skatepark. A rock-climbing wall. Etc.. Everything you could imagine at a summer camp. But the greatest feature of this camp happens to be a pile of stones that rests on the end of a path, just over a bridge.

When Wildhorse opened in 1999 the campers started a tradition. For every new believer that had accepted Christ into their lives that week they picked up a stone. Walked down that path. Crossed that bridge. And placed their stone in that pile.

It started with one stone.

When I was there last year the pile had recently been counted by staff members. The number was just over 10,000.

Think of all the amazing stories that are ingrained into each one of those stones. If only we could look at each rock and read those stories. Stories of hardship. Stories of struggle. Stories of darkness. Yet all stories with happy endings. Salvation.

That was the spark. I think we all have great testimonies to share with other believers and non-believers looking to explore God's love further. It's one the greatest gifts we can give each other to strengthen our faith. And also show God's growing love in this world.

So. I created this blogspot to count those stones and capture those stories for everyone to read. Post your testimony. Share it with your friends. Ask them to post theirs. Spread the word of what God has done in your life. And how you found your way into His arms.

To start just post a comment below and type away ... I will go back in every night and turn your post into a blog so others can comment on them! You can also email them to me at jhardesty@bluelineresults.com. God Bless!


Blogger Betsy said...

This is really cool! Where did you get that sweet picture of the stones?
I'll add my testimony when I get a chance to sit down and write it! But this is rad! I can't wait to see what happens with it!

8:52 PM  

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